2017 Competition Winners

State Farm Speed Selling Competition Awards

  • 1st Place – $1,000  Sydney Alvarado, Texas State University
  • 2nd Place – $750 Maura Spellman, Temple University
  • 3rd Place – $500 Olivia Royce, High Point University

Sales Management Case Competition Awards

  • 1st Place – $1,000 each student – Austin Peck and Maggie Carney, James Madison University
  • 2nd Place – $500 each student –  Ryan Hutton and Morgan Vastag, Purdue University
  • 3rd Place – $250 each student – Allison Steele and Owen Lewis, University of San Diego

Role-Play Competition Awards

Rising Stars Rookie Schools

California State University, Los Angeles
Eastern Kentucky University
The University of Tennessee Knoxville
University of Florida
University of New Hampshire

Role-Play Rookie of the Year

$250 to each competitor – Nicole Bertolozzi and Thaydee Acosta, University of Florida

Role-Play Final Four

ICSC Champion – $2,500 and Tom James Suit to competitor – Rachel Kipper, Kansas State University
$1,000 honorarium to the faculty coach – David Lehman

1st Runner Up – $1,000 and Tom James clothing to competitor – Omar Nasser, University of Central Florida
$500 honorarium to the faculty coach – Bill Steiger

2nd Runner Up – $500 and Tom James clothing to competitor – Randy Roland, Kent State University
$250 honorarium to the faculty coach – Ellen Daniels

3rd Runner Up – $500 and Tom James clothing to competitor – Lanessa Aurand, Kansas State University
$250 honorarium to the faculty coach – David Lehman

Schools with the Top 20 Total Points
Schools with the top 10 total points receive a plaque and individual awards to the competitors

1. Kansas State University – Rachel Kipper and Lanessa Aurand
2. University of Central Florida – Omar Nasser and Ryan Williams
3. Texas State University – Sydney Alvarado and Alexandra Berzsenyi
3. University of Wisconsin – Whitewater – Jessica Kendall and Kelsey Berchem
4. Kent State University – Randy Roland and Chloe Dial
5. Ohio University – Adam Moses and Jennifer Vance
5. University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire – Carter Koleske and Austin Samsa
6. Elon University – Jesse O’Brien and Helena Zaeh
7. Florida International University – Fabiola Elizondo and Kayla Ramos
7. Florida State University – Parth Patel and Halle Berger
7. The University of Texas at Dallas – Brian Hanks and Mallory Gunnels
8. University of Central Oklahoma – Lindsey Bruce and Chris Young
8. Winona State University – Dakota Smith and Daniel Murphy
9. University of Minnesota – Carston Erickson and Jack Zabel
9. Appalachian State University – Olivia Chason and Hunter Trombetta
10. Bryant University – Nicholas Valeri and Nadia White
10. University of Georgia – Carson Nevels and Griffin Hornyak
11. Louisiana State University – Jack Chascin and Patrick Derbes
12. High Point University – Emmi Esker and Liesel Kreiner
13. St. John Fisher College – Megan Yeaple and Melissa Lennon
13. Stetson University – Jodi Campbell and Jordan Ewud
13. University of Dayton – Courtney Kotoch and Andrew Gaudio