2019 Prospect – Paycom

The ICSC role-play competition consists of four meetings to complete a complex sale. Only information about the initial meeting is given to all competitors. At the end of the first and wild-card rounds a document is release which explains what was uncovered in this initial meeting as setup for the second meeting (round 2).  The same occurs at the end of round 2 and round 3.  Download the complete 2019 set of documents fully describing each meeting here.

LinkedIn Profiles of your three C-level Paycom prospects (Fictitious)

About Paycom

Passionate about providing employers easy access to their payroll data, Paycom launched in 1998. Since day one Paycom has been committed to the ongoing development of a single application that lowers labor costs, drives employee engagement and reduces exposure.

Have you ever used a dial-up modem? If you were online in 1998, you probably did. Back then the connecting was cumbersome and surfing was slow and limited. But Paycom’s visionary leaders saw the Internet’s potential for their payroll business and have been revolutionizing the industry ever since. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), pay-as-you-go pricing and proprietary development have all been Paycom staples since it launched in Oklahoma City in the late nineties. But its client-driven, in-house development is what has pushed Paycom’s payroll application to evolve into the premier human capital technology it is today. It remains a single-database application with full-service functionality that requires no integration!

Customer success is Paycom’s priority. Whether it’s helping employers hire better, reduce exposure, manage compensation or simply operate more efficiently, Paycom dedicates its resources to helping facilitate their goals. Providing the best technology is one aspect but Paycom knows you can’t automate good service and assigns a dedicated specialist to every customer for expert support when they need it. Paycom leads the industry in customer satisfaction and retention because of our people and the priority we place on personal service.