About Us

The nationally recognized FSU Sales Program is one of the largest and most unique in the nation with four full-time faculty members and over 400 students participating in one or more sales courses each semester. It is one of only two Tier 1 Research Universities in the nation that has a sales program and offers PhDs in Marketing.

Leadership in Undergraduate Sales Education

Quality and Quantity of Sales Students

  • Appx. 400 per semester from all majors (marketing, finance, etc.)
  • Locationally diverse, eager to relocate nationwide
  • Courses paired with experiential exercises and real sales experience
  • Graduates consistently become top performers in their organizations

High Volume of Sales-Specific Recruitment Opportunities

  • Seminole Sales Showcase
  • Wine Tastings and Dinner Events
  • Sales Club Events

Host of the International Collegiate Sales Competition (www.icsc-fsu.org)

  • NCSC-style sales competition hosted every Fall
  • 30+ schools, 30+ sponsor companies
  • Prizes for students and faculty, top sales recruits for organizations

Host of the Sales Educators Academy (www.saleseducatorsacademy.com)

  • Annual program dedicated to developing new sales educators
  • Expert speakers and panels from around the country provide their advice

Innovative Masters-level Sales Education Programs

One of a Kind Graduate Certificate in Sales Leadership (non-degree)

  • No GMAT required, but courses can count toward master’s degree
  • Useful for personal branding and career development
  • Virtual meeting format – can be completed from anywhere

Masters in Science in Marketing Degree, emphasis on Sales Leadership

  • Stronger differentiation than a general MBA degree
  • Useful for personal branding and career development

Customized Corporate Sales Training Programs

Introduction to Selling Webinar (12 Weeks)

  • Everything you should know when starting a career in sales

Professional Selling – Experiential Weekend Seminar

  • Implementing key  sales methods into your daily behavior

Coaching for Sales Managers – Experiential Weekend Seminar

  • Learning the process of effectively motivating, developing, and coaching your sales team

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