Alumni Stories

Why be a Professional Sales Major? Read about these sales major alumni and about what happens after graduation.  Connect with them on LinkedIn

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Kelli Lampkin – 2012 Graduate
“I am an entrepreneur, writer, traveler, comedienne, DJ, tech enthusiast and amateur magician. My passion is working with tech entrepreneurs that are disrupting their industries to help them leverage enterprise business software so they can focus on their passions.”

Check out Kelli’s web site, and definitely download her book about getting your first job after graduation. Kelli is the Netstuite Nomad and travels the world for Netsuite, an Oracle technology company.  Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Dan Windstrup – 2014 Graduate
I sell digital impression scanners and CADCAM (computer aided design computer aided milling) to Dentists. One of the scanners I sell is called the Trios 3 and is manufactured by a Company called 3Shape. Ironically, I just landed back in Tampa Wednesday from my trip to Denmark where they are headquartered. Some of us from Henry Schein were flown out to Copenhagen to help develop a sales strategy to grow the U.S. Market with a goal to become the leading digital impression scanner sold  in the United States within 18 months.

3Shape ran a sales contest from June 2015 to June 2016. The winner of the contest would win a Tesla Model S  Lease for the year including insurance. I won the contest by selling 31 Trios 3 Impression Scanners.

I took the cashin lieu of the car to use as a down payment for  a house for my wife Katherine, daughter Athena, and I.

Rachael Winston – 2015 Graduate (Click on the link to hear her story)
Results and customer success driven sales professional with a strategic focus on uncovering customer needs and working with a cross functional team to deliver highly targeted solutions to clients. I help companies transform their business by increasing revenue and decreasing IT overhead costs.

Rachael also works with the Oracle company, Netsuite – Her current assignment is to partner with apparel, footwear and accessories organizations to help them run their businesses more effectively by transforming their brand and consumer experience with the NetSuite omni-channel platform.

Gabrielle Carrera – 2016 Graduate
I am a proud graduate of the Florida State University with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Professional Sales, as well as a certificate in Leadership Studies. I am passionate about altruistic service to others, which I have pursued throughout my high school and collegiate leadership experiences, and continue to pursue through my involvement with A Prom to Remember.

Gabrielle works for Henry Schein Dental – – “I work to do everything possible to help dental professionals run their business as efficiently as possible, so they can focus on providing the best clinical care.”