Case Format and Rules

A team of two competitors from each university that qualified in the Sales Management Simulation pre-event are invited to ICSC to compete in the Sales Management Case Competition.

The case competition is the only one of its kind, focusing specifically on issues related to managing a professional sales force. See this year’s case document for a description of the case and the featured company.

Please keep in mind that the company is a real company but the issues to be addressed in the case have been created solely for the case competition.

The ICSC 2019 company for the sales management case is Citrix.

While the actual case won’t be handed out until the competition, it might be helpful to know that past years’ cases have focused on some of the following issues:

  • Territory alignment
  • Opening new territories
  • Compensation issues
  • Merging of sales organizations when two companies merge
  • Introduction of a new product

To get an idea of what a typical ICSC case competition case looks like, click on the link below for the 2018 case which involved Cardinal Health

2018 Sales Management Case and Videos

The competition consists of three rounds:

  • Round 1A and 1 B is the initial presentation of a solution to the case and is set for 30 minutes; up to 20 minutes of presentation with 10 minutes for Q & A from the executive judges. There are 4 rooms with 4 teams in each of the rooms presenting in sequence in each room in each round. The top team from each room from each round moves on to round 2 (a total of eight teams).
  • Round 2 is a short conference meeting to a corporate “evaluation team”. The eight teams will be put in groups of 4 (2 groups) and each team will be asked a set of questions based on their approach to solving the case. The top two teams from each group will move on to the final round.
  • Round 3 (Finals): Round three is meant to be a bit of a surprise round. The top four teams from round 2 presentations will be presented with an updated case scenario that assumes that the team’s original recommendations are under consideration by the company management team but there has been a new development that they must account for. In round 3, each team will provide an update to the executive team in the form of a 20-minute presentation (15 minutes for presentation and 5 for Q & A).
  • Presentations: In round 1 the deliverable from each team is a presentation to a group of executives (one of which will be an actual executive from the sponsor company). This presentation is to be made by the team and one or both of the case competitors can make the presentation. It is up to the team to decide how best to make the presentation. There are no guidelines for the presentation format in terms of specific presentation material, number of slides, what areas should be covered in the presentation, etc. All presentations will be due to Leff Bonney at the same time so that no team gets extra time to work on their presentation while another team is presenting. We will draw for the order of the presentations at the case competitors meeting where you will receive the actual case document.

Click here for the rubric for rounds 1 and 3

Click here for the rubric for round 2

Preparation: Each team will be given 24 hours to prepare for the case presentations. We will hand out a detailed case containing details about the company current situation in our competitors’ meeting at 8:30 AM on Thursday morning. We will review rules for the case competition during the competitors’ meeting. Students competing in the case event will also have plenty of time to attend the ICSC Career Fair.

Coaching: There is to be no coaching on the part of the faculty after the case has been handed out. We will use the honor system for this rule and ask each competitor to sign a pledge stating they will seek no outside help in preparing for their presentation. However, teams can use whatever materials they would like in preparing for the case. Free Internet access is available in all guest rooms. Any points of clarification should be discussed directly with Leff Bonney who will have a cell phone with him at all times and teams can call with questions.

Points earned towards the Collegiate World Cup of Sales for each team is as follows:

Sales Management Case
Round 1
Individual Position From Each room Points Go Case Round 2
First 150 Yes
Second 120 No
Third 80 No
Fourth 40 No
Sales Management Case Round 2
Individual Position From Each Room Points Go to Case Round 3
First 100 Yes
Second 80 No
Third 60 No
Fourth 10 No
Sales Management Case round 3
Individual Position Points  
First 150
Second 120
Third 80
Fourth 40