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The old way of learning sales is broken.

Snooze through the books

There are more books written about sales than any other topic in business. Each touting their own ‘proven’ method. We believe there are multiple ways to sales success and they all start with building lasting, foundational skills, all grounded in science.

Hotel ballroom boredom

If you’ve never spent 8 hours in a hotel ballroom as part of some sales training seminar, consider yourself lucky. There are countless training companies and slick sales guys looking to put butts in seats to tell you the approach that made them millions! If of course they really did, they probably wouldn’t be at the Holiday Inn.

The Nike Method: Just do it!

We’re big believers in learning sales on the front lines, but in today’s sales environment, this is a fast way to failure. Sales isn’t what it used to be. Professional selling isn’t something you just pick-up.

New to sales or need a basic course in Professional Selling? Sales Spring ( offers a complete online course based on the same nationally recognized course content delivered at Florida State University.  Complete this course and receive a Certificate of Completion from FSU’s Sales Institute.

The FSU Sales Institute also offers a variety of “hands-on” workshops tailored to your product line and market segments. The entire process begins with interviews of your key sales personnel and managers to better understand your sales focus. Working closely with your management team, we prepare sales scenarios to train your employees.

Less experienced sales personnel will receive a thorough introduction to “Best of Breed” selling concepts, needs-identifying questioning techniques and strategic account management concepts.

The veteran salesperson will be re-energized through this refresher in disciplined approaches to prospecting and making efficient and effective sales calls.


Proven Program: Each member of the FSU Sales Institute faculty has extensive industry sales experience. Read what one former student had to say:

“A very well put together course. Engaging content, based on solid research. The tutors really outlined new techniques which we can apply to our business. Really enjoyable mix of theory with some great practical exercises. Thanks for a great time.” –Martin Edwards-Global Sales Director, Neill Technologies

Experiential Learning: The Stephen C. Leonard Sales Lab and the Marvin A. Mitchell, Sr. Behavioral Lab give the FSU Sales Institute a cutting-edge training environment for students and executives. The 8 sales training rooms are equipped with web video cameras that allow students to be recorded and coaches to provide feedback of each sales interaction.  More importantly, these videos are available to each rep’s respective manager via a secure Internet link.

Support of a Major Florida University: The funds generated by the FSU Executive Education Training program are invested directly back into the FSU Sales Institute’s various programs, which includes undergraduate education, outreach to groups such as recently discharged veterans, and masters level education. Given the current state-funding climate, this funding is critical for positioning the FSU Sales Institute as the leading sales program in the nation.

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