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Course Summaries

Intro to Selling (Web-based): An introductory course for newly hired reps, this course is designed to orient the sales rep to key selling methods that will be taught in subsequent training sessions. Course materials include an “Intro to Selling Manual”, online webinars, and discussion guides for local managers to discuss with sales reps. $500 per participant

FSUSI Basic Sales Course: Used to strengthen the reps’ basic understanding of a structured sales process, topics include lead qualification, approaching new customers, basic needs discovery and product presentation skills, and closing techniques. Each participant is videotaped throughout the course with video links emailed back to managers along with coaching tips for each rep from the FSUSI staff. $1,500 per participant.

Strategic Selling Course: The goal of this course is to teach reps how to identify potential major accounts, how to sell to upper levels of the organization, how to sell across multiple product lines and how to build a sales presentation by making a strong business case. Additionally, this course emphasizes the use of mobile technology (i.e. iPads and CRM). $1,500 per participant.

Manager Training Course: This course is designed to bring sales managers up to speed on the selling techniques that sales reps are exposed to in the Basic Sales and Strategic Selling courses. Managers attending the course will go through abbreviated versions of the two selling courses. Role-plays will be used to give managers practice at coaching reps facing common challenges at different stages in their careers. $1,800 per person.

Telesales Training Course: Customized telesales training based on observation of the customer’s current process. We listen to numerous past calls, tracking skills / techniques and identifying what works and what doesn’t. New Call Flows are developed and then presented to participants in a classroom setting. $700 per participant, held at client’s location.

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The Sales Institute has been completely renovated. The new state-of-the-art behavioral research and training facilities allow executive students the professional environment they are accustomed to while providing technology for video conferencing, virtual role plays and recording lectures. Our facilities include ten individual role play rooms, where mock sales calls are performed and recorded; an eight-person conference room; and a beautiful lecture suite that holds up to 30 participants.

In addition to physical space, the mobile technology advantages we offer are unsurpassed. Thirty Apple iPads are available for executive training, as well as an extensive video capture system. This system allows our faculty to review student role plays and make notes on the screen. After the training sessions, these videos are available via the web and are often used as coaching tools.

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The FSU faculty dedicated to Professional Sales education is unparalleled compared to other public or private universities. Our Institute Director, two additional Ph.Ds., several adjunct professors and support staff are available to assist with every aspect of developing your customized training and executing the courses.

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For more information regarding Executive Education, please contact:

Leff Bonney, Ph.D.

(850) 644-9735