Sales Institute Dress Code

Professional Sales students adhere to the professionalism pledge:


The Florida State University Sales Institute defines Professionalism as

Taking pride in every aspect of your life; never compromising your standards and values; caring about yourself, your family, your friends and business associates; and representing yourself and FSU with respect, commitment, and the best possible appearance.

As a member of the Professional Sales Major at Florida State University, I understand that I am held to a high level of Professionalism.  As such, I pledge to:

  • Take pride in all I say or do
  • Take responsibility for all my actions and for my continuous personal development
  • At all times adhere to the highest standards of academic excellence, integrity and to the norms of a serious intellectual community

Action steps that I will take to further my Professionalism:

  1. Be on time to every class and when completing every assignment
  2. Professionally create and print personal business cards with my contact information and have them on my person at all times
  3. Dress in business casual whenever attending classes during the regular semesters and whenever visiting the Sales Lab. An exception is made whenever the sales club declares dress-down days

The official dress code is downloaded here.