Willy Bolander

Associate Professor of Marketing


Office Location: 351 RBA
(850) 644-7883
Email: wbolander@business.fsu.edu


Willy Bolander is an Associate Professor in the College of Business at Florida State University and is actively involved in the FSU Sales Institute. He holds a B.B.A. in Professional Sales from Kennesaw State University (Atlanta, Georgia) and a Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of Houston. His research focuses on sales management, marketing strategy implementation, and organizational change and has been published in various outlets, including the Journal of Marketing. Willy also serves on the Editorial Review Board for the Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management.

Prior to entering academia, Willy held various sales and marketing positions with small professional service firms and start-ups. He has sold life insurance, financial products, and accounting services. Most recently, he served as Client Development Manager for a CPA firm in Atlanta where he worked to improve pricing negotiation practices, align marketing employees’ compensation with firm goals, and increase customer referrals. He remains actively involved in real world selling through research, consulting, and sales training projects with firms from industries as diverse as professional services, distribution, and retail. Willy has also been featured in a variety of business publications, including YFS Magazine, Advantages, the Military Times Edge, and 850 Magazine, discussing topics such as building trust with customers, objection handling, dealing with problem clients, and increasing sales during a sluggish economy.

Willy teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on selling and sales management. He has also helped develop and deliver customized curriculum for executive development programs for a number of organizations. Willy consistently receives positive feedback from his students and has been recognized for his teaching through several departmental commendations, a departmental Teaching Excellence Award in 2009, and the University of Houston Graduate Teaching Excellence Award in 2010. Most importantly, Willy’s students have gone on to build successful careers in some of the world’s top sales organizations.


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6)Sales Education Efficacy: Examining the Relationship Between Sales Education and Sales SuccessJournal of Marketing Education 2014 with Leff Bonney and Cinthia Satornino.

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2)Managing the Drivers of Organizational Commitment and Salesperson Effort: An Application of Meyer and Allen’s Three-Component Model,” Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice 2009 with Frank Fu and Eli Jones.

  • This study was republished in 2013 in a special virtual issue featuring the 10 most cited articles published in the Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice from 2008-2012.

1)Product Innovativeness, Customer Newness, and New Product Performance: A Time-Lagged Examination of the Impact of Salesperson Selling Intentions on New Product Performance,” Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management 2008 with Frank Fu and Eli Jones.


MAR 3400 – Professional Selling
MAR 5408 – Sales Leadership


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