No, the decade does not change till 2021, but we are making changes at the FSU Sales Institute. The goal is to make more effective use of your donation dollars and to continue to grow university attendance at the International Collegiate Sales Competition (ICSC).

Starting in 2018, the FSU Foundation which is the repository for your donations, changed accounting systems and now falls under the universities accounting system. The results have been more than a tripling of paperwork requiring us to hire a person to just manage this increase. Further, the time to reimburse expense for faculty and students attending ICSC went from one month to over four months.

With the full agreement of FSU administration, funding and accounting for ICSC will be managed by a new entity, the Sales & Marketing Education Foundation, Inc. This new organization is managed by executives from several of our Chief level sponsors and all Chief level sponsors are invited to be represented on the board of directors. The new organization is set up as a 501c3 non-profit completely managed by volunteers. ICSC will continue to be hosted by Florida State University and the students of Florida State University.

The only visible change is when you renew your partnership with the FSU Sales Institute. All donation levels remain the same but you will receive two separate invoices, one to support the FSU Sales Institute and one to support ICSC.
Reference documents for the Sales & Marketing Education Foundation