ICSC 2018 – November 7-10 Caribe Royale

The International Collegiate Sales Competition (ICSC) Mission – To enhance the selling profession by encouraging the development of critical skills needed by today’s collegiate sales graduates in a fun competitive environment and where companies can meet the nation’s top collegiate sales talent all in one place.

The Global Series of University Sales Competitions

We can’t say “world series” of university sales competitions but it is an all-around challenge of the skills that every sales professional needs. It’s “International” not because there are  universities from other countries, but because the competition includes a focus on the nature of global business development.

Three major competitions in one big four day event:

    • Speed Selling – A demonstration of basic presentation skills. Competitors pick four sponsoring companies and must present in under 90 seconds, why they are a good choice of hire for the positions advertised.
    • Sales Management Case – A demonstration of the skills necessary to be successful as a first level sales manager. This includes; understanding of territory management, motivation, performance evaluation and of strategic account management to achieve a team quota.
    • Role-play – A demonstration of the skills necessary to successfully take an account from initial qualification, to development of an “advocate” and work up the chain of decision-making to ultimately complete the sale.