ICSC News Updates

These are copies of updates sent to all registered coaches.
August- About Alternates

About non-competitors – (alternates or additionals) – It is pretty much explained here.  https://fsusalesinstitute.com/icsc-registration

ICSC covers the cost of transportation only for role-play and sales management case competitors, and one coach. Additional students are encouraged but their transportation and hotel cost are the responsibility of the University, even if they participate in the Speed Selling competition.

The $100 registration fee per alternate includes all activities (Yes, Universal too), lunches and includes participation in the speed selling if so desired (maximum of two per university).

Anyone not registered does not have access to the career fair area, meals or a ticket to Disney.

September 4th – Changes From 2017

Here are some minor changes just updated to the ICSC web site:

  • Competitor eligibility is better defined in the “Coaches and Competitors Guide to a Successful ICSC”. All competitors for all competitions must be full time undergraduate students and not working 36 or more hours per week in a B2B sales position. Any questions about eligibility, please email me.
  • The “Coaches and Competitors Guide to a Successful ICSC” descriptions for each competition have been slightly reworded for clarity.
  • The role-play judging metrics have minor modifications for clarification and consistency. It is important to note that each of the major steps in a complex sale, needs identification, presentation of a solution and final executive decision have slightly different focuses and these are measured by differences in the judging metric for each round. Round 1 and the wild-card round are needs identification focuses, rounds 2 and 3 are solution presentation focused and round 4 the “Final-four” is the executive decision focused round.
  • The speed-selling event company selection is set up on the web site and competitors may choose their companies. However, a few late registering sponsors are listed by name but may not have their job descriptions submitted yet. You can still select them and look on their web site for information. Remember the earlier a competitor registered the better their chance of getting all four of their first-choice companies.
  • We are moving round 1 of the speed selling back to Wednesday evening after the welcome meeting. So plan your travel to arrive early enough to compete in this event. The final round will stay the same, right before viewing of the role-play final round on Saturday morning.
  • For both the sales management case and the role-play competition, the companies and the people described in the scenarios are real and information from web sites, or LinkedIn profiles may be of value in executing a meeting.

September 7th – Clarification on the Round 1 Buyer Profile

This is a special update as follow up to the one earlier this week. Thanks to my good friend Bill Steiger from UCF.  Bill informed me that not one of you can read my mind! He asked, “What country is involved in this year’s “International” role-play part of ICSC.” I left a line out of the Round 1 Scenario which is as follows…

“Jason shared with Jamie, but said to keep it “Top Secret”, our Toronto office is working on what could become the largest contract NAP has ever received”. Further down on the same page, it is explained what the sales person knows.

HINT, HINT, it’s Canada but remember, “It’s TOP SECRET”

The full updated document is available as a sub-link under the Role-play link on the ICSC web site.

September 19 _Gartner Offers Coaching

Gartner is hosting its 4th annual virtual role-play training sessions for ICSC Sales Role Play competitors. The competitors will participate in a 15-minute role-play (using the ICSC Citrix scenario), followed by coaching and feedback with a member of the Gartner team. The trainings will take place on Monday, October 8th-Thursday, October 11th via phoneCompetitors will have a choice of which of the 4 days they would like to participate and time.  Timeslots are on a first come basis. Once your spot has been confirmed you are expected to attend.

Gartner is giving away $300 in prizes for the best sales role plays. The registration deadline is Friday, October 5th. We ask that you please share this information with your students and encourage them to sign up using the following link: ICSC Virtual Role Play Training Registration. We are guaranteeing spots for 2 students per school for those that would like to participate.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Mitch Mosley at mitchell.mosley@gartner.com! Gartner is very much looking forward to helping your students continue to grow as outstanding sales professionals.

October 3 State Farm Offers Sales Skills Profile Survey

  1. The 2017 sales management case is now posted to the ICSC web site.
  2. One of the major sponsors, State Farm would like to offer you some coaching help.
    1. State Farm is offering any of your students the opportunity to complete the CTS Sales Profile. The CTS is a powerful tool designed to answer a questionnaire, then generate a comprehensive and personalized Sales Coaching Report. The information in the report will give specific recommendations that will help the taker excel as a salesperson in their career and in the competition.
    2. In order to complete the CTS questionnaire, click here.
    3. After completing the questionnaire, the taker will automatically receive a very brief report on their Behavioral Style.
    4. To request a the more comprehensive Sales Coaching Report please send an email request for this extremely valuable information to CTS4ICSC2018@gmail.comand include the following information for the person who took the survey:
      Name & phone number
      Coach/mentor/professor’s name & contact information

(You will be contacted within 48 hours of sending the above information)

  1. All registered student attendees will also get an email about this service.
  2. Reminder to have every student attending ICSC to submit their resume to:
    1. resume@icsc-fsu.org
    2. You STILL need to complete all registration items for each participant
October 10  About Professional Email from your Students

Within the FSU Sales Institute we have a virus/spam filter that automatically places any email that has an attachment but no message in the body of the email in a spam folder. As a minimum, most executives consider such emails discourteous.

We temporarily stopped the filter but are now turning it back on. Only emails with a message in the body of the email stating that a resume is attached and the University name, will get through the filter.

Only Microsoft Word or Acrobat PDF files will be accepted. No Google Doc links, no Apple Pages, or any other form will be accepted.

So PLEASE tell students not to send emails with no message in the body of the email. This is the type of email that spammers send and no one should click on a link or attachment in such emails.


We’ve only received 133 of the 300 registered students. So please tell your students to send theirs in. All are now posted to https://fsusalesinstitute.com/icsc-2018-resume-book