The Role-Play Competition

The role-play competition runs simultaneously with the sales management case competition so individual competitors may only compete in one event.

Rules and ProcedureSee the “Competitor’s and Coaches Guide” document at this link for eligibility and full rules.

Team seeding is based upon a combination of university result for ICSC 2017 and NCSC 2018. Final competitor schedule will be released approximately October 1, or sooner if all 80 university role-play slots are filled.

The role-play product for ICSC 2018 and 2019 is Citrix XendeskTop. Click here for Citrix training information. The entire role-play competition is based upon a potential sale to North American Plastics.

 Round 1A, and 1B– Needs Identification sales meeting based upon a lead developed at a random meeting, Thursday (15 minutes).

Click here to download the round one situation. Note: at the completion of each round, the updates for rounds 2, and 3 will also be available at this link.

Then click here for the judging metric used for this and the wild-card rounds

 Wild-Card Round WC-A and WC–B Needs Identification sales meeting(repeat of round 1 to the initial contact, Thursday (15 minutes)

 Round 2 – Sales meeting to a second “Influencer” (20 minute) Round 3 – Sales meeting with a top U.S. “Decision Maker” (Friday 20 minutes)
Both round 2 and 3 involve overview explanations of “Virtual Desktop” concepts and specifically of how Xendesktop works. Then getting some form of commitment to proceed.
Click here for the judging metric for rounds 2 and 3.

 Round 4 – Saturday (final facts handed to each finalist 20 minutes before their scheduled role-play time.  This is a true “Closing”  sales call.  In this meeting, some general concepts of Chinese business culture may be necessary (20 minutes).
Click her for the judging metric for round 4

At the end of each round (Wild-card, round 2 and round 3), a document will be release which summarizes the facts, that should have been uncovered in that round. This will allow all competitors moving on to the next round to start from the exact same position.


  • ICSC Champion – $2,500 student prize and a $1,000 honorarium to the faculty coach. The student will also receive a Tom James suit.
  • 1st Runner-up – $1,000 student prize and a $500 honorarium to the faculty coach. In addition., the student will receive  Tom James clothing.
  • 2nd and 3rd Runner-up – Each student receives $500 and  Tom James clothing. $250 honorarium to each faculty coach.
  • Rookie of the Year – $250 to each competitor from the top scoring rookie school.
Role-Play Team Champion

The university with the highest total points for the role-play event receives a permanent plaque, plus displays the ICSC World Cup Trophy for the year.  Click here to download the points system