Collegiate World Cup of Sales

The Collegiate World Cup of Sales is the ultimate measure of a University sales program’s focus on overall business revenue generating skills:

  • Strategic decision-making in a Sales Management Simulation event*
  • Confidence and resilience in a Warm Calling event*
  • Relationship development skills in a Role-Play event
  • Sales management problem solving skills in a Sales Management Case event
  • Presentation and speech skills in a Speed Selling event
  •   A “give back attitude” in the Community Involvement event.
ICSC 2020 Orlando, Florida – November 11 – 14

Competing universities will earn points in each event and the university accumulating the most overall points will be awarded the Collegiate World Cup of Sales. See the results of ICSC 2019 here.

A Short Summary of Each Event

The role-play event is a four-round, tournament style competition where, for rounds one and two, the top two competitors from each room (flight) move on to the next round and in round 3 the top competitor from each room moves to the final round. The product for 2019, 20 and 21 is ReliaQuest and the 2019 prospect is Paycom. The role-play scenario is similar to a real complex selling situation where needs are developed in early meetings leading to a solution presentation and final purchase decision. The scenario always includes some aspect of international business.

The sales management simulation event is a pre-event elimination competition using the Wessex Learning Sales Management Simulation (SMS), originally created by Dr. Douglas J. Dalrymple and redesigned for current technology by Harish Sujan, Michael Ahearne and Noel Capon. This simulation is designed to teach important principles of sales management through an evaluation of the effectiveness of decisions relating to: (a) selecting and recruiting salespeople, (b) assigning salespeople to territories, (c) compensating salespeople, (d) setting time management policies, and (e) choosing prices for products. For this competition, points will be awarded for cumulative profit and total market share at the end of a simulated two-year period. This pre-event will take place the second and third weeks of September and pits groups of five universities against each other with the two in each group generating the most total points for profit and market share at the end of the simulated two-year period moving on to the on-site case presentation.

The on-site sales management case is a three-round tournament style event where two competitors working as a team, are given a specific sales management situation related to sales management at Citrix and asked to present an optimal solution. In round two they are questioned about feasibility and costs of their solution and in round three challenged with an issue related to the implementation of their solution.

The Warm Calling event will consist of two rounds of telephone calls. The scenario will involve a fictitious company “Freshii Direct ” whose CIO downloaded Gartner information about an upcoming conference, “Gartner Application Strategies & Solutions Summit”. The objective of the process is to get a firm commitment with the prospect for a face-to-face meeting to better understand why the interest and potential sell one or more tickets to the event.

The speed selling event consists of two rounds of “elevator speech” type presentations. In round one competitors pick five companies and present to each while in round two the top ten competitors present to the speed selling host company in a public audience setting.

The ICSC motto is, “Work hard, play hard, give back.”  As new sales graduates advance in their career and climb to the top financially, volunteering time and giving back to the community becomes another sign of the successful professional. ICSC’s Community Involvement Event requests that everyone in attendance bring a non-perishable food item which will be donated to charity. There will be approximately 600 people in attendance and we are really excited about the footprint this could potentially make. Points towards the Collegiate World Cup of Sales are earned for the percentage of a university’s participation. Click on the event links in the top menu to get a full description of each event.