It Starts With A Lead

Round 1

About to walk into the meeting with Steph (or Stephanie) Kenney, the last few days quickly flashed through your mind. Driving from Citrix headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale to Orlando on the Florida Turnpike always gave you time to think.  It really had not been that long since graduation day. You were hesitant at first to take the offer of inside sales from Citrix.
You graduated from one of the nation’s best college sales programs and thought all along you would immediately start knocking on doors. However, the Citrix offer was amazing,; it was in Ft. Lauderdale, it was about the newest cloud technology and the company culture was really you. It really did not take that much time in inside sales, to understand the unique spectrum where Citrix products can make a major difference. Here you are on your first outside sales week with 3 meetings, two existing customers and one prospect that you cultivated for Xendesktop.  This meeting with Kenney was a combination of a great sales education, and a little luck.
How it happened – It was at your 10 AM Starbucks break to write out notes from your first meeting and you spotted an empty seat next to Steph.  You met Steph in your senior year when you were looking at sales career opportunities and had seriously considered Aerotek where Steph worked as a senior recruiter.  As you sat down, Steph said, “Sorry, can’t talk, I need to get all this time card data recorded on a spreadsheet and emailed to the team leader. “ You couldn’t help yourself and responded with “WOW people still use time cards!” Steph responded, “Yes, they are on-site construction workers, and we need to get their time entered so they can get paid and we can make our profit numbers for the month.”  If I am in my office I can do it directly into our systems but they won’t let me access it on my personal computer or on any computer outside the office for security reasons. “.  Steph went on. “ I love this job and I guess if this is the worst part of it, then it has to be the world’s best job”. Knowing Citrix had something that could help, you said, “Can I tell you about something that could help?”  The icy stare that was Steph’s response could have turned your hot coffee to ice.
After an awkward silent moment, Steph looked up from the time cards and said, “Look, I am sorry, I have to get this done and from here I am leaving for the airport. I was asked to participate in some specialized training for our newest office in Beijing, China.” She went on, “Aerotek is part of the Allegis Group and they have staffing locations all over the world. Beijing is one of our new locations.   I will give you a call when I get back in about 10 days and we can set something up.
It was just 10 days and Steph did call back and seemed excited to meet you. “Look” Steph said, “ I can only give you 15 minutes. When I spoke to Kyle Stephenson who was the lead on the China project he told me to get with you and fill you in on where we are. If I think you have something worth looking into then Kyle will want to meet with you.” So the meeting was set for 15 minutes to get an insight into Aerotek operations and if a Citrix solution could help.