Round 2 – What Happened In The Meeting With Kyle

Kyle is in addition to being a Director at Aerotek, also functions as an Account Executive. He actively maintain relationships with several Fortune 100 companies and are always looking to add new clients. He was sent to Beijing, China recently to help set up Aerotek’s new expansion into that country. China could be a big area for Aerotek’s growth if it is managed properly.

In the meeting you found out that

  1. He was back from China about a week and was very disappointed by what happened. In some ways China is way ahead of the U.S. in technology and in other ways just very closed to any change.
  2. Kyle filled you in on what happened in China. When Kyle told the Chinese head of the project that every recruiter and account manager needed to have a company laptop, the senior Chinese manager laughed in disbelieve, “We don’t buy our employees gifts. They come to work with all the tools they need”, said the Chines manager. “Besides why can’t they just use their smart phone to access the applications they need?”. The Chinese project manager went on to talk about “Virtual Desktop” as if it was a magic cure. So when Steph reported back to Kyle that you showed Steph a way to very securely use a personal computer for all the Aerotek business and also eliminate the one day a month each of your people were without their computers, Kyle explained THAT is why wanted to meet you in person
  3. Bry Quinn, the Director of Operations is Kyles senior manager is the next person to see if Citrix had something to help in the U.S. But if Citrix could help with the issues in China then Tom Kelly, the CEO of Allegis would have to get involved.
  4. Kyle agreed with Steph on what you and Steph talked about
    1. Kyle needs the ability to let people use their own laptops and access the corporate databases from anywhere. What this buys him is the ability to respond to a customer’s needs faster. Staffing is very competitive and usually the first company that finds a good fit, wins. This could add $10K in revenue on average to each of his ten account managers.
    2. Kyle agreed with Steph that eliminating the need for the monthly software updates where your people basically have a day off could basically erase a 5% loss in revenue due to lost productivity.
  5. NEW Issues that you uncovered with Kyle:
  6. A domestic issue – Many of the corporate laptops are way past their time and need to be replaced. Kyle’s people cannot even run Windows 10 on some of them. To place them for Kyle’s staff means money out of his budget, a good $30K to $40K
  7. China issues – when Steph was teaching the new Chinese reps about access to the Aerotek database, they were shocked that the Aerotek system only needed a password. In China everything is “Dual Factor Authentication”. That is where you log in but then get a message on another device with special code to enter and finally can gain access.
  8. China issues – The Chinese are all about “Virtual Desktop”. So you explained what Citrix virtual desktop is and why is it so secure using the Netflix example you learned in the Citrix training school.


Kyle was very impressed and excited about the possibilities. He committed to setting up a meeting with Bry Quinn, head of operations. He said we need to get Bry Quinn’s buy-in. Bry is going to want to know how Citrix Xendesktop is going to affect overall operations and how it can get the China project back on track. A day later, Kyle called you and said the meeting was set for 12:30 PM on Friday and he was going to try to make the meeting too if he can arrange a few things.