Round 3 – What Happened in the Meeting with Bry

Bry was excited by what he learned about Citrix and Xendesktop. Kyle said he was blown away when he saw Windows 10 running on a smart phone and a tablet.

What was uncovered about how Citrix can help Aerotek

  1. The ability to let people use their own laptops and access the corporate databases securely. That means the ability to respond to a customer’s needs faster. This could add $10K in revenue on average to each of his ten account managers($100K). If you multiply that by 20 for all of his regional directors that is a ton of added revenue ($2M).
  2. Eliminating the loss of a person’s laptop for an entire day to do monthly software updates could basically erase a 5% loss in revenue due to lost productivity.
  3. A way to run Windows 10 on older laptops means holding off replacements for even one year, could save $100,000 for each year they hold off.
  4. If these types of things can be done in China this can save a Million dollar project in Mongolia where the Chinese are building huge solar farms. A secure virtual desktop that runs on any tablet, because that is ALL the Chinese use, will save the project.
  5. The ability for a person to be working on their desktop or laptop and get up and continue on their phone or tablet. Bry wants to convert all field personal to tablets.

Bry agreed that an implementation of Xendesktop could save Aerotek lots of money but that would all need to be explained to Tim Kelly who made the final money decisions.

Bry arranged a meeting with Tim Kelly, CFO. Tim’s admin person called you and said the meeting was set for Saturday morning. Shin You, the Chinese project manager, was there from China and might also be in the meeting.