Speed Selling Rules and Selections

Click here to download a copy of these rules.

Speed Interviewing Event Caribe Royale Convention Center –Grand Sierra D & E Round 1 Wednesday Check no later than 5:00 PM

The top ten finalist will each earn points towards the Collegiate World Cup of Sales.

When you check in you will receive the four score sheets for your companies

  1. Review the opportunities at https://fsusalesinstitute.com/jobs
  2. Each student selects, 4 companies to The earlier you do this, the better your chance of getting all 4.
  4. Your objective is to get an appointment for a job or internship
  5. There is a maximum of 150 participants and no limit per university so register early.
  6. DEADLINE IS Wednesday, October 23 AT 12 NOON
  7. Students should find out as much as possible about the company and the job/INTERNSHIPS being All companies can be found at www.fsusalesinstitute.com/jobs.
  8. Prepare and practice a 60-­‐90 second introductory elevator speech you will give to the company representative at the event for each of the 4 companies you are Your speech should introduce you, your major and graduation date. Then say something about what you have learned about the company that is of interest to you and what skills or knowledge you have that brings value to the company. You will be one of 4 students sitting at a table with a recruiter and in turn giving your elevator speech. Start by presenting your score sheet and then give your speech. The recruiter will cut you off at 90 seconds so plan well.
  9. See judging criteria on next Page
  10. The students with the top 10 scores will go to round 2
  11. Round 2 will occur on Saturday morning starting at 8:30 AM in the viewing room for the role-play Final four. Round 2 will consist of an onstage 90 second elevator speech seeking a job interview with Gartner

Scholarships provided by State Farm Insurance:•
First place       -­‐ $1,000
Second Place –$750
Third Place      –$500

On Wednesday before the opening welcome, check no later than  5 PM at the Royal Caribe Convention Center –Grand Sierra D & E. Get your 4 score sheets and attend the opening welcome. Competition will start immediately following the welcome in the same room. At the end of the welcome meeting go sit at your first company table.

Speed Selling Competition Criteria

Judge will then select the one “hire” from the current group. This is worth 20 bonus points.

Instructions for Selecting Your Speed Selling Companies

First become familiar with the companies attending ICSC 2019. Many are not familiar names but all offer excellent career opportunities.

You will present your credentials to four companies in four rounds. The document you will open is a Google Sheets spreadsheet. It has four sub-sheets, one for each round.

Here is the link:

Coming soon

To Select your companies:

  1. On the Round 1 Sheet find your company in the Company column and enter your university’s name and your last name in an open cell for that company.
  2. If all four seats are taken for round 1 go to the round 2 sheet and see if there are open seats. If none are open go to round 3 and then round 4. If all slots are taken, choose another company.
  3. Choose a company only once for the entire competition.
  4. Save a copy of the spread sheet to your computer as proof of your choices
  5. Please do not overwrite another competitors name. This system is completely audited and all entries tracked. If you overwrite another competitor’s selection you will be eliminated from all competitions.
  6. If you have a problem, send an email to icscfsu@gmail.com
  7. To report a system problem, call tech support at 954-815-7960