State Farm Speed Selling Competition

Speed Interviewing Event – Round 1
Wednesday Immediately Following the Welcome Meeting
Check in by 5:00

Click here to download a complete set of the following instructions.

  2. Each student selects, in priority order their 5 top choices of companies to meet. You will be assigned at least 3 of those choices. The earlier you do this, the better your chance of getting all 5.
  3. Your objective is to get an appointment for a job or internship interview.
  4. Click on this link and enter your name, email and choices of companies.

DEADLINE IS Friday, October 21 AT 12 NOON

Your final 5 assigned companies will be emailed to you by noon on Wednesday, October 26th.

  1. Students should find out as much as possible about the company and the job/INTERNSHIPS being advertised. All companies can be found at
  2. Prepare and practice a 60-90 second introductory elevator speech you will give to the company representative at the event for each of the 5 companies you are assigned. Your speech should introduce you, your major and graduation date. Then say something about what you have learned about the company that is of interest to you and what skills or knowledge you have that brings value to the company. You will be one of 4-5 students sitting at a table with a recruiter and in turn giving your elevator speech. Start by presenting your score sheet and then give your speech. The recruiter will cut you off at 90 seconds so plan well. After all 4 or 5 students have given their speech; the recruiter will give a short summary of why their company is a good choice of companies where you can start a career.
  3. See judging criteria below.
  4. The students with the top 10 scores will go to round 2.
  5. Round 2 will occur on Saturday morning in the Main Building – Martinique Ballroom starting at 9 AM.  Round 2 will consist of a an on-stage 90 second elevator speech seeking a job interview with American Traveler the host of the evening event.
Scholarships provided by State Farm Insurance:
  • First place      – $1,000
  • Second place – $750
  • Third place   – $500

On Wednesday, check in at the Royal Caribe Convention Center –Grand Sierra. Get your 5 score sheets and go sit at your first company table.

Speed Selling Competition Criteria

 The goal of the speech is to get an appointment for a job interview. Numbers in parenthesis are points

  1. CONTENT – Clearly demonstrated knowledge of the company, its products and at least one key quality, skill or experience sought in a new sales hire. (60)
    1. Company mission or branding (15)
    2. Product or product category (15)
    3. Important/critical characteristic of a new sales hire (10)
    4. Creatively linked the content related to the company and its products to skills, knowledge and/or experiences of the candidate. (15)
    5. Included a “Call to action” to proceed to the next step in the hiring process (5)

 DELIVERY – A strong professional impact resulting in accepting the call to action. (40)

  • Appearance and body language
    • Neat and professional dress (5)
    • Appropriate eye contact and lack of distracting body movements (5)
  • Voice
    • Volume adequate to be heard (5)
    • Words clearly spoken and a tempo neither too fast or too slow (5)
    • Demonstrated strength and confidence (5)
  • Language
    • Correct pronunciation (5)
    • No filler words such as “ums”, “you knows” “actually” , etc (10)

 Judge will then select the one “hire” from the each group. This is worth 20 bonus points.