Undergraduate Education

The Professional Sales  Major

The Professional Sales Major is open to select College of Business students who desire to excel in a professional selling environment. The program focuses on developing students into future business leaders who understand consultative selling. This, in turn, provides employees with young professionals who have the skills necessary to enhance their sales force and who add value to the company.

Course Track

In addition to core marketing courses, the program has four components

Professional Selling: Introduction to the basic selling strategies used by today’s firms: transaction based strategies, problem solving strategies, consultative strategies, and relationship selling. Students are exposed to many varieties of selling and career opportunities.

Sales Management: Through the use of computer simulations; students apply knowledge of business-related decision-making in areas of hiring, territory management, budget control, forecasting, and motivation to successfully run a company.

Advanced Sales: Builds upon the Professional Selling Coursework and explores industry standard strategic selling processes. Students study a variety of Customer Relationship Management strategies as well as the use of cloud-based CRM systems. Through multiple sales role-plays, students further hone their communications and selling skills.

Sales Practicum: The Sales Practicum requirement marries practical sales experience to sales education through The Sales Team or a Sales Internship.

For complete official course details go to http://business.fsu.edu/academics/undergraduate-programs/majors/professional-sales