Undergraduate Professional Sales Program

Why major in Professional Sales?

Sales is the most common career entry point for college business graduates majoring in a diverse spectrum of fields, ranging from economics, international business, management, finance, and human resources. Students majoring in Professional Sales will obtain skills that are directly transferable across a broad range of industries and that can be applied in private and public companies, nonprofit organizations and social missions. See the Inc. magazine  article about why sales experience leads to great leadership.

100% Placement By Graduation

The Professional Sales Major is open to select College of Business students who wish to excel in a professional selling environment. The program focuses on molding students into future business leaders who understand consultative selling. This provides employees with young professionals possessing the skills necessary to enhance their sales force and who add value to the company. Students in this program earn a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, Majoring in Professional Sales.

In addition to the core marketing courses, the program has four key components:

Professional Selling: Students are introduced to the basic selling strategies used by today’s firms: transaction based strategies, problem solving strategies, consultative strategies an relationship selling.

Sales Management: Through the use of computer simulations, students apply knowledge of business-related decision-making in the areas of hiring, territory management, budget control, forecasting and motivation to successfully run a company.

Advanced Sales: This component builds upon the professional selling coursework and explores industry standard strategic selling processes. Students study a variety of customer relationship management strategies as well as the use of cloud-based CRM systems. Through multiple sales role-plays, students further hone their communications and selling skills.

Sales Practicum: The sales practicum requirement combines practical sales experience and sales education through participation on the student sales team or through a sales internship.

Detailed information regarding course requirements for Professional Sales majors: Professional Sales Major Sheet

Professional Sales Major Opportunities

Students learn outside the classroom through our internship program and international programs and are offered many networking and leadership opportunities through student organizations, such as the Seminole Sales Club and the International Business Association . Over $20,000 in sales student specific scholarships  are offered each academic year to provide support to students along the way.

Occupations in sales are hugely diverse, spanning across a variety of industries and levels. Current alumni can be found in the following industries: medical equipment, technology, plastics, entertainment,  broadcasting, travel, general manufacturing, finance, insurance, banking, staffing and many more.

To learn more about the major, contact Pat Pallentino, director of the Professional Sales Program.

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