Warm Call Event

The Warm Calling event will consist of two rounds of telephone calls. The scenario will involve a fictitious 3rd party payroll provider named “MyPayroll” whose CIO downloaded a Gartner whitepaper about security. The objective of the process is to get a firm commitment with the prospect to move a sale of Gartner for CIOs forward.

This preliminary event will start on October 7th and be completed no later than October 18th.   Registering your role-play students for the role-play competition will automatically register them for the Warm Call Event. On October 1st, all registered role-play competitors will receive an appointment date and time to make their initial call.

In Round 1 of the Warm Calling event, the competitor will be calling the buyer (CIO) to follow up on the whitepaper that was downloaded. The objective of this initial call is to gain a commitment from the buyer for a second extended call to explore with the prospect ways Gartner products and services might be of value. There can be as many as 160 competitors calling in Round 1 and they will be separated into groups of ten. This results in 16 groups of 10. Based on a metric developed by Gartner and the ICSC, the top two students from each group will move on to Round 2 (for a total of 32 students).  

The round 2 scenario is to be determined.

The total time for each call will be a maximum of 30 minutes as follows:

  • Up to 5 minutes in introduction preliminaries before the actual competition part of the call begins.
  • Up to a maximum of 15 minutes for the role-play part of the call
  • The remainder of the 30 minutes spent on a debrief of the call

The points earned towards the Collegiate World Cup of Sales are as follows:

Round 1 Each Group Points Go to Round 2
First 100 Yes
Second 75 Yes
All others 50 No
Round 2 Each Group Points Top two from each
flight move on to this round
First 100
Second 90
Third 80
Fourth 70
Fifth 60
Sixth 50
Seventh 40
Eighth 30