Round 1 – What Happened in the Meeting with Steph

So here is what really happened in your meeting with Steph (or Stephanie). Steph discussed enjoying the time in China and originally that Kyle Stephenson wanted Steph to potentially become the senior manager working with the local Chinese counter part. However while Steph was doing the training it seems that Kyle was running into major problems. The idea that China will be an opportunity for great expansion was not exactly looking good but Steph was not too sure of exactly why. It seems the Chinese had issues with access to the Internet and with the idea that they would have to provide laptops for all their employees in order to keep everything secure.   Steph quickly turned the conversation into, “How can you help me”.


  1. Steph mentioned the desire to use a personal computer for work. Because the company cannot secure data on a personal computer and because personal computers can be lost/stolen, the company forbids it. So that means carrying around two laptops since the work laptop would not even let you get to Facebook and that was a great way to find potential recruits.
  2. The second big thing Steph shared with you was that almost one day a month he/she had to go without her company laptop so software could be upgrade. That basically meant an entire unproductive day which was very frustrating. For Steph this could mean loss of $500 or more in commissions in the month. Kyle shared with Steph that was one of his biggest issues too.
  3. Steph said that when Kyle heard about the meeting with Citrix he/she ask Steph to find out about this thing called “Virtual Desktop”. He told Steph that he was also very frustrated with how the Aerotek computer people limited his peoples’ productivity. You tried to explain “virtual desktop” to Steph, but Steph kept thinking it was something like “Virtual Reality”.


Steph liked what you said about Xendesktop and how it could potentially help with each of the issues but said it might be better if you met with Kyle and explained it all to him. He had a bigger picture of Aerotek and maybe you could even help with the China issues.

So Steph agreed to put you in touch with Kyle and you subsequently scheduled a meeting for Friday. Kyle stated that only 20 minutes could be spared for this meeting.