Why Become a Sales Major

The sales major at Florida State University is a great program, not only because of the value you acquire at the educational level but also how you grow as a person. Being a sales major gives you many benefits that you would not find in other business majors. For example:

  • In the sales program, you will have the opportunity to network and build relationships with business executive around the world.
  • You will learn how to create strong and lasting relationships that are beneficial to your company, your clients and yourself.
  • You also will be learning how to help your client by understanding their needs and providing a solution for them to be successful as well as yourself.
  • With the sales program at Florida State, you will develop influential communication skills.
  • You will enhance your creativity in solving problems.

Benefits of becoming a sales major in the future include:

  • Being a sales person means that you need to find your clients problems and provide solution to them, so basically you are helping people improve their business and their lives.
  • You have the freedom and responsibility of making your own decisions and of reaping the rewards.
  • You can grow and learn at your own pace, so the only limitation you have is your level of motivation.
  • A benefit that no other job has is closing a deal. The professional satisfaction and the reward of knowing that you did a great job do not have a price.

Lets hear from several recent graduates from the FSU Sales Program:
Abby Lenhoff
Aude-Eureka Mondé
Dominique Rey
Matt Valent